Friday, September 19, 2014

Tunic sweater for fall with jeans or leggings

I just got this Old Navy Scoop Neck Tunic sweater on sale this week. When I opened it up I fell in LOVE with it! I got the Small\Tall in Charcoal I am 5'7" so I always get tall at Old Navy. It is going to be one of my go to sweaters the fall I can tell already. It is perfect to wear with Jeans or leggings.
leggings: forever21 (here) (I got a medium so they were long enough and not really tight)
shoes: famous footwear (similar here)
necklace: forever21 (similar here) 

 I am going to have a hard time not living in this sweater all winter long. I think I will be ordering a few more in their other colors!
sweater: old navy (here)
distressed jean: old navy (here)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hallway wainscotting.

Hey friends! I hope you are having a great Monday.
I have wanted to extend my wainscoting down my hall for some time. I love how it brightens up some of my darker spaces, like my entry. I wrapped it around my wall and down the hall.
before                                                        after
Above are the before and after pictures. Sorry the colors are so different, lighting changes so much in my house thru out the day.
Here is how I did it.
I made sure it lined up with the current wainscoting and marked it with painters tape.
 I primed my walls, it took a few coats to really cover the darker paint.
Once I was satisfied with the primer, I nailed up my slats.
And more slats! making sure they were the same distance apart and level.
It has really made a difference. My hall is brighter and it adds so much more detail than a blank empty hallway. I would love to do wood floors too in my entry and hall. I'll have got to save up for that and convince my husband that we need to do it :) but for now it is a huge difference! I swear my pictures are straight. this angle makes them look super uneven :)
 So much brighter!!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Glitter stripe top

I am so excited to share this DIY stripe shirt with you today!
It is really simple and inexpensive to make.
Total, mine cost under $3 (because I already had the white tee) and about 15 minutes to make.
Here are a few ways I styled it.
With Old Navy the "Rockstar" black skinnies and leopard print flats from Target.
Red A line full skirt from Down East basics
This is the Iron-On transfer sheet I used. GoldGlitter. I found it at Joanns for 4.99 for one sheet. I used a 40% off coupon. I already had a white tee.
 I used my cutting mat, rotary cutter and large straight line measuring board thing(not sure what it is really called) and cut my 1.5 inch strips. I started with 4 stripes then later after taking some pictures thought it would look better with 5 stripes. after cutting I placed my shirt and stripes on the ironing board making sure my lines were even and straight. 
Then using a sheet of thin parchment paper to protect my stripes and shirt I slowly iron the strips onto my shirt. be patient it takes a few minutes to get all the corners on and (melted, if you will) to the shirt. Maker sure all the strips are secured to the shirt. let cool and done! I get compliments on this shirt every time I wear it.
There you have it! A glitter stripe shirt.
 I wash it in the washer inside out on the gentle cycle or you can hand wash it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Old Navy white shorts

I know in the past there has been some crazy fashion rule that "we aren't supposed to wear white after Labor day". That is it just not true anymore. You can put together a good outfit with white jeans or shorts by adding some dark colors and boots to make it more appropriate for fall. I am not quite ready for boots yet, since it is still in the 80's where I live. These shorts are on sale at Old Navy for super cheap!! So forget the no white pants of shorts after Labor day and go get some white jeans or Shorts!
shorts: old navy, rock star style (find them here) they are currently on sale for $5.99!!!
Here are a few outfits I styled to show you my cute new white shorts.
top target: (similar here)
belt: target (find it here)
hat: old
tee & bag: tillys (old)
shoes: toms (find them here)
sweater: rue21 (similar here)
chambray: old navy (find it here)
belt: target (find it here)
sandals: target
necklace: jcrew (similar here)
Old navy is having a big sale and I got a ton of cute stuff for really cheap. Dresses for under $10 and pants for under $15!! go check it out. And if some of you didn't know Old Navy has Talls. Yes, for those of us that are over 5'7". I just love that I can get stuff that will be long!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Hallway Gallery Wall

 I have seen many gallery walls that I love but I could never decide on one. I decided to do a collage gallery wall with just a few large frames. As you can see below they are not all filled. That will come in time as we take more pictures.
I bought 2 black frames (the ones in the middle)at Joann's a few months ago. They were $18 each. I went back a few weeks later and they had sold all the frames like the ones I had. I had to get 2 other ones. I spray painted them white and added some of or favorite pictures of vacations and other memories.
This is the spray paint I used. I like semi-gloss it cleans up really well.
 The black frames before
Being painted in my garage. It did take a few coats to get all the black cover really well. Make sure it is all the way dry.
 Both my husband and I have really loved having these hung in our home. We find ourselves stopping to look at them all the time. My kids like to look at the pictures of them when they were young and say "remember when we went there, that was so fun"
I hung them with large command strips. no more holes in my walls :)
Thanks to stopping by

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taking in a thrift store pencil skirt

I have been wanting a cute grey pencil skirt for sometime. I ordered some from H&M but ended up sending them back because they were too short. Then last month I saw one for $3 at a thrift store. It was a few sizes too big and was really long- like a midi pencil skirt. But for three bucks I figured I could take it in and shorten the length. Trust me when I tell you I am not a professional seamstress.
But I figured if I ruined it I would only be out $3.

 This is the before, there was about 2.5 inches on each side that needed to be taken off. I took in the hips/sides since I have nothing to fill them in. I turned the skirt inside out and pinned where I wanted to do my seam. I started at the waist  and sewed all the way to the bottom of the skirt. I did one side and then tried it on again. then did the other side.
This is the skirt after taking in the sides. It is a little fitted at the bottom and the length was still long which made it hard to walk in. I cut off a few inches and hemmed it. remember you can always cut more off but you can't put more back on.
 I am happy with how it turned out. A perfect little pencil skirt just for me :)
Also I just got this perfect little Mossimo tee at Target. They are on sale for $5!!
I also got these darling animal print flats at Target this week for $12. They are going to be perfect for fall, they go with everything.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to cut your boys hair at home for FREE!

Haircuts can get expensive. People often ask me who cuts my boys hair. I do! If I had to go every 8 weeks to get their hair cut and it cost $7-10 each, that would be nuts!! I started when my youngest son was about 1 year. I took him to a barber shop and gave him 3 suckers to keep him busy while he got his hair cut. Madness! It took FOREVER!! My poor little guy was exhausted. Needless to say from that day on I was determined to cut my boys hair at home for free! I do my three sons and my husbands hair.
Try it next time. Be patient and keep trying you will get better each time.
I use this Conair  razor from Wal-Mart. It was $20-$24. They last me about a year. I have my three sons and my hubby's hair to do about every 8 weeks. So it saves me a good chunk of cash!
 I use the #1 or #2 clip. The #2 is a little thicker and will not cut as close to the head as the #1. Depending on how my boys want it that day.
This is the size 1. I start with this one first and do the sides back and neck.
This is the number 7. I use this for the top of the head. I use the next size down #6 to taper the sides around the temples of the hair. So it doesn't look like a bowl cut ;)
 I did this hair cut inside because it looked like it was going to rain. Usually I do them outside. In the winter I just lay down a sheet and then shake it outside when I am finished.
Start at the sideburns/ear and slowly move up till you are  just above the eyebrow then start to pull out towards yourself.
 When ever I got to this stage my boys love to look at themselves in the mirror.. ;)
This is both sides and back cut with the #1. Top is still long and the sides need to be tapered. 
 Then I use my #7 or  #6 to do the top I start at the side and work my way back. Make sure to go slow and get all those little hairs. I do a lot of sweeps thru the hair to make sure it is all even.
 My older son likes his top a little longer. I use the #7 and #8 for his.
Shower and get some gel on that hair. This is the finished product!
 This is my handsome little model. He did a great job getting his back to school haircut. I always give them a treat when they are finished.
Happy Hair cutting!!